Another Perfect Day

14 January 2016

The pure white sand, soft and gentle, like walking on powder, and the warm water running across my feet as the waves stream towards me. The sun is still in the sky but will soon set in the West, not a cloud in the sky and it is late afternoon, about 6 pm and the middle of summer as I walk along a beautiful southern Gold Coast beach.

The sand reflects and shines as the water recedes back to the ocean, and soon another wave brings in the white foamy ocean water washing across the white sand.

What a magical site, makes me feel so alive, so special, and so humble amongst the beauty of nature. In the distance the tall skyscrapers of Surfers Paradise glow in the setting sun, and looking in the opposite direction towards Coolangatta in the East the beach is shimmering, sparkling in light as the setting sun throws its beautiful rays along the pure white sand, the brilliant white surf and the amazing blue ocean, everything looks magical.

A seagull stands, looking at me, its reflection shining in the wet sand, and its shadow cast in another direction giving three different amazing views, I have to take a photo. All I have with me is my smart phone, but this is better than nothing and I face the gull and snap, a perfect photo. A perfect photo to add to my perfect day, life is so good.

Another perfect day on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Baz Gale

Run Run Run

Run like the wind

The stillness before the storm

Quiet but deafening, the ghostly silence of the eve of the storm, broken by loud claps of thunder and the flash of lightning opening up like a fiery furnace and burning everything in its path

Time for my walk, each day I walk through the field following the creek, through parks and suburbia, finally walking to the top of Tugun Hill, the lookout overlooking the bays, beaches and beauty of the Gold Coast

The storm is in the distance, not a breath of wind

Will I have time, will I reach my destination or will the storm overtake me, forcing me to return wet and humiliated.

The mountains in the distance now hidden, and the eye of the storm is like a monster tornado, sucking everything in it’s path, with kilometer after kilometer of black cloud approaching, lightning bolt after lightning bolt released from the black mass reminding me of the power and fury nature can throw at us.

It looks like a cyclone, this thick black mass approaching, distant thunder and lightning every few seconds

I am now half way towards my destination, suddenly, with no warning, the wind is released. One moment quiet and breathless, nothing but the sound of distant fury. Now the force of the wind trying to put me off balance, pick me up and carry me to unknown and distant lands.

The sky is now black, the light has gone, cars are driving with headlights, yet it is midday.

 Time to retreat, time to escape the onslaught that is only moments away

Turn around and run, run home, run as fast as you can, run like the wind

Back to the field and creek, running through the field, against the wind, struggling against the onslaught, the wind wants to turn you around, take you away, the storm is on top of you, black as night, the heavens are about to be unleashed.

Half way through the field I begin to realize this is not a good idea, running in the middle of a large field during a lightning storm, now I am a target, a reason to attack, somewhere for the storm to aim it’s lightning fury.

Run faster, never stopping, drops of rain hitting my face carried by the wind, trying to force me back onto the field, panting and exhausted, but running from fear, from excitement, from the thought that I am almost home, cannot stop.

Finally running down my street, only a few houses to go when the storm opens its gates, sending water hurling through the air in the form of blinding rain to wash and remove everything the day produced.

I reach my home, safe, secure, and glowing in the knowledge that I won, the storm lost, the will to survive is greater than the will of the storm, as the heavens open and cars pull over, unable to drive in the downpour, dark as night and loud as explosions of thunder and lightning crash around us.

But… home safe and dry

Today’s walk by Baz. Gale.
16 December 2011

My walk in winter

June 13th 2011

The ocean is warmer than the day

It warms my feet, taking away the coldness, the chill of the winter air.

Late afternoon, the sun soon to set

A stormy day, but the rain stops and allows me to walk on the sand, the waves wash up onto my feet, the beach is empty and the sky is dark. But looking North and North East the cloud has moved, allowing the setting suns rays to shine through, golden and magical, lighting up the late afternoon sky.

Looking South I stop…. Is it real… a dream… fiction or fantasy… and I think why… why did I leave my camera at home. I am witnessing the most amazing and truly beautiful settings, a one in a million photo opportunity. I should always carry a camera!!!

The afternoon sun’s rays are shining on the Southern Gold Coast, bright and magical. Behind this is the approaching storm, black as the ace of spades, total contrast, the Southern point, all the tree’s and buildings golden and bright, behind is total darkness, black, an approaching storm about to wreck it’s havoc and fury.

But there is more… the storm goes way out into the ocean, but either side of the black approaching storm is a rainbow, so bright it competes with the setting sun’s rays for attention.

As the setting sun throws it’s light into the sky, so too does the sky bow down to the sun and change, from golden yellow in the West, to red leading into pink in the North to finally purple in the South. The purple clouds are finally engulfed by the black storm, enhanced by the brightest rainbow on the side…  and a jet black as black approaching storm.

Then a miracle… the black storm bows to the setting sun and changes, turns a deep red.

I can now see the sky, far away in the west golden and bright, across the ocean to the east where the purple clouds fade into the storm, now a deep red with a rainbow either side showing the way.

The ocean is a deep blue, but the waves become emerald green just before they break and the white foam washes across my legs.

This is a view for the Gods… true magic at work

I cannot move, my eyes fixed onto the beauty, no need to think, just look and accept and give thanks I am alive and here, now in the present moment, surrounded by beauty.

Baz Gale

We are all the same…. An angry dog will attack any human walking past, a dog does not see the difference between humans. A mosquito will not choose a human by race or skin colour, a mosquito will attack any human for food. Bacteria do not choose who they will infect; a human is a human to bacteria. Only a human will see the difference between another human based on race, religion or culture. To an animal we are all the same.

Baz Gale
14 January 2012

The thunderstorm abated, the rain finally stopped, and the sun returned. It was late afternoon just before 5 PM.

I decided to walk to the shops instead of driving the car and I took the longer walk, through the beautiful green parks. The bright green grass in the park was speckled with over a hundred pure white cockatoo’s (white parrot), and they took to the sky laughing as I approached. The air was sweet, fresh, and clear after the raging storm.  The temperature was 18 degrees and the sky a brilliant blue with a bright shining silver cloud floating above the setting sun. Mount Warning looked magical and seemed close in the cool fresh air; a clear blue sky to the ocean on one side, and the other side of Mount Warning was covered in thick white cloud.

Returning from the shops I walked home close to the beach, the sun had now set and the sky looking South was a combination of pink and purple, to the East bright red, and to the North the brilliant blue sky was turning dull, loosing it’s vibrancy as the approaching night overtook the ending day. West over the ocean was thick dark swirling cloud, from purple to black, and ocean waves were crashing onto the white sand and sea gulls were preparing to settle for the night.

I could not help thinking how lucky I am being alive.

 ‘Life is beautiful’

Baz Gale

4th May 2012

Seagulls Mountain Resort, Davao, Philippines

Baz Gale

24th May, 2014

First a description of the resort, follow by my story The Fog

I have travelled to Davao City in Mindanao to explore some of the beautiful country here. I was recommended to visit Seagulls Mountain Resort and this is my experience staying at the resort.

After a taxi ride to the Ecoland Bus Terminal in Davao city, I boarded a bus ready to begin my adventure to Seagulls Mountain Resort.

Leaving the hot and humid city of Davao behind, I travelled via Cagayan-Buda and after a two hour bus ride was dropped off at the entrance to Seagulls Mountain Resort. The resort is located on the Bukidnon-Davao (Buda) Road in Barangay Lorega, Marilog District, Davao City, and sits about 4,200 feet above sea level.

The cool fresh mountain air greeted me and walking into the resort there is a temperature gauge saying 18 degrees, yet Davao City would have been 35 degrees when I left just two hours earlier.

Beautiful views were everywhere, from the distant mountain views to the tall pine trees and beautiful flowers of the resort, making you feel welcome, refreshed and alive. I was led to my cabin, a lovely room with a queen bed and desk and chairs with separate bathroom and toilet and hot shower.

Now to explore the resort and what it has to offer.

All I can say is Wow... I am surrounded by majestic views of distant mountains, pine forests, and beautiful flowers. The view is constantly changing depending on cloud and sun, from sparkling green mountains to blue to white and covered in cloud and everything in between. I walk up to a lookout overlooking to the right, and further up the path a lookout overlooking to the left, breathtaking views always there to greet us.

Time to walk to the Seagull Pavilion with rows of beautiful flowers either side of the path, and climb the stairs. This is a 2 story pavilion for functions and also a sheltered area for viewing the amazing scenery on offer with 360 degree views. I take a moment to catch my breath and reflect on how beautiful and magical are the mountains in Mindanao, and how we are blessed to witness this amazing event.

So, it is logical to now leave the pavilion and walk down the pathway that leads to the way of the cross. Walking down a steep incline leads to a wonderful lookout, and there on a red and green brick erection stands a large white cross with the image of the Crucified Christ. Time for reflection and prayer, and then take in again the amazing views and beauty surrounding us.

Now time to walk back up the steep pathway and walk past the pavilion, back along the seagull pathway and finally climb the stairs to our Lady of Manaoag Chapel, where we are greeted with a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Inside the chapel is breathtaking, almost perfection. The wooden alter and the amazing decor, the beautiful stained glass windows, and the blessed views of the mountains looking outside the chapel. It truly is breathtaking.

The next day I walked along the track through the forest to the waterfall. It was so amazing that I returned the following day with my bathing costume and swam in the cold clear water. The waterfall tumbles down the rocks and continues down the mountain, and the resort has diverted some of the water from the top of the waterfall to fill many swimming pools from small children’s pools to deeper pools. The water constantly flows from the first pool to the last, finally returning to join the water from the waterfall going down the mountain. So the pools are always full, clean and fresh and very cold being pure rain water. Cold and refreshing and worthy of a swim, but it does take some time to become used to the cool water.

There is a coffee shop and steakhouse on the resort and the vegetables are grown on the property, are organic and very healthy. And I should say the meals are delicious and the Mango Shake is something everyone needs to try, thick cold mango in crushed ice in a large glass with a straw, lami (delicious)

I can honestly say I did not want to leave. If one was able to live here, with the daily exercise of walking up and down steep inclines and eating fresh organic food, then one would remain youthful and healthy. I highly recommend anyone wanting to rest, relax, and recharge, to visit Seagull Mountain Resort.

Here is a reflection on an amazing afternoon at Seagull Mountain Resort when the cloud came sweeping over and through the resort.

The Fog

After a morning of exploring the beautiful pine forest and hiking to the waterfall, and swimming in the cold fresh rain water of the waterfall swimming pool, I am now relaxing in my room. I glance out of my window, and there, in the distant, creeping ever closer, a slight haze drifting through the trees below. And the top of the mountain is a fog that will eventually descend down and cover the surrounding mountains and countryside, devouring the resort in a thick blanket of cloud.

Quickly, no time to waste... I grab my camera, walk out the door of my cabin, and begin climbing, half running, up the steps on the side of the mountain leading to the resort road, and turning right I race up the hill and head towards the lookout. And there, awaiting me is the view I have been waiting and longing for. The distant mountains are in a blanket of cloud that is slowly heading through the valley below and attacking the mountain in front of the lookout.

Wow... the only expression that comes to mind. Quickly focus the camera and... Click, click, the sound of the camera capturing the moment, the beauty, the amazing presence of the wonder that nature constantly throws to us.

No time to lose as the fog approaches, and quickly I head towards the crucifix in the distant to obtain a better view. Down the steep track and onto the crucifix monument, and again I am rewarded by a site I will long remember. Distant trees are hidden in the mist, mountains slowly disappearing under the layer of cloud, as the fog heads in an Easterly direction past me. But suddenly, heading from the opposite direction and coming straight towards me, is a thick black cloud. Soon the first few drops of rain begin to sprinkle down, quickly turning into a torrent of water gushing from the heavens. Time to retreat, running as fast as I can, up the steep path towards the shelter of the lookout, becoming closer as I run panting towards it, rain descending onto me, and finally, lungs exhausted, tired, I am safe under the shelter.

What a view. It is raining but the fog is closer, and in the distance towards the East is a valley surrounded by mountains, the sun is shining. But like a huge monster typhoon, the fog is slowly descending towards the valley, about to strike the homes and farmland, blocking out the sun and covering the valley in a thick haze of wet cloud.

Trees close to me are disappearing under the layer of cloud, making a wonderful magical experience. Many more photos are taken and more lasting memories being recorded in my brain.

Now the cloud is starting to come from the opposite direction to the first fog. The clear green mountain looking towards the resort entrance is being attacked, with just a hint of white cloud starting to mix with the green trees of the mountain. Now more and more white fog, till the entire mountain has disappeared, consumed under a thick layer of cloud in only a few minutes.

I am now surrounded by cloud, fog in every direction, and heading towards me. The mountain has completely disappeared, and now the plain below me is filling with the white mist, coming ever closer towards me. One by one the cabins are hidden under the thick fog, what a magical experience.

The rain has lifted a little, so I leave the safe shelter of the lookout house and run to the next lookout under a large tent. Suddenly the rain becomes torrential, the wind stronger, and the temperature is plunging downwards.

What an amazing experience, but now time to make my escape to the shelter of my hut. Time to run... and run we did, as fast as we can go running and laughing along the resort road in the torrential rain and wind, lashing our face and attacking our bodies. Laughing and full of excitement, cold and wet, but so happy, and now time to descend the steps, quickly but carefully in the rain to the safe shelter of my cabin hut.

Safe and secure in my hut, very wet but so very happy. Now time for a long hot relaxing shower and then relax on the bed thinking of the wonderful time, the amazing day spent at Seagulls Mountain Resort.

Baz Gale



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