Mango, Banana and Turmeric Smoothie. A delicious healthy low calorie drink you can enjoy every day

Ourbody is like a finely tuned car, it needs good fuel and maintenance to run smoothly, and just like a car, if you neglect it then it will break down.

I know it takes a little longer to prepare healthy food than eating fast food, but let's look briefly at the consequences of eating fast food that is typically full of fat, sugar and salt.

In America using 2012 statistics, 9.3% of the population have type 2 diabetes, a crippling disease that can lead to blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, and many other complications. Each year 735,000 Americans have a heart attack and about 610,000 die from heart disease. Only 31% of the American population are considered normal weight, the rest are either overweight (33%), obese (35%), and 6% are extremely obese. The list of health problems associated with living an unhealthy lifestyle are enormous, not just type 2 diabetes and heart disease, cancer is on the rise, bone problems like arthritis, Alzheimer's and dementia, the list is endless.

Not just America, in Australia it is estimated that between one in four hospital beds are occupied by people with diabetes related complications, and it is the leading cause of blindness in working age adults in Australia. It is also the leading cause of kidney failure leading to dialysis. In England diabetes patients take up one in six hospital beds.

Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other terrible health problems are sweeping the world, yet less than 50 years ago it was almost unheard of for someone under the age of 60 to have type 2 Diabetes.

What happened is most people are now less active than in the past and the diet changed, instead of a more healthy home cooked meal with freshly cooked vegetables, many people now consume fast foods that are high in fat and sugar, and low fat is even worse because they add more sugar to improve the taste. Sugar causes more health issues than fat.

There is another problem also arising, and this is happiness. Many studies have found a link between eating unhealthy food and depression, and other studies have found that activity also increases happiness, so being inactive also seems to trigger unhappiness.

The bottom line here is happiness. Life is too short to be unhappy, and when we are sad, angry, lonely, and any other negative emotion, then life is less exciting, in fact all we do is exist. But life has so much to offer, life can be fun, fulfilling, exciting, the choice really comes down to us and our attitude to life.

If you are happy eating fast food, and you also have an active lifestyle, are happy and enjoy life and all that life has to offer, then good.  However active people do tend to eat a more healthy diet. Life is too short to worry and stress leading to unhappiness. Stress also effects our health and having a happy mindset goes a long way towards good health.

Energy is another problem, low energy, low motivation, do not feel like doing anything. But an unhealthy diet and inactivity contribute to less energy. Changing the thinking from cannot be bothered, too tired, do not feel like doing anything, to making or even forcing yourself to change and becoming more active will lead to an increase in happiness and increased energy. There are many times I feel like doing nothing, the last thing I want to do is go for a long walk, but I force myself and not long into the walk I feel good, and when I return home I feel so good, happy and full of life and grateful I made the effort to do some activity. Being active really does increase your energy and makes you feel good.

 Often, when our energy increases from having a more active lifestyle, we tend to want to eat a more healthy diet, we want our energy and happy feeling to continue.

When I have time I will add articles to this site talking about nutrition and healthy living, and also some food recipes showing why this food is healthy. The first link is a smoothie I have each afternoon called my Mango, Banana and Turmeric smoothie.

I hope I can show the benefits of healthy eating and encourage anyone wanting to improve their diet.

Please take care and have a great happy day

Baz Gale

13 February 2016

Why should we eat healthy food?
I say, why not!

Baz Gale  Author