Winter on the Gold Coast, cold nights and warm sunny days, perfect for country drives and beautiful photos because the air is so fresh and clear, everything looks amazing.

I was driving along a country road following a small river that flows into the beautiful Tweed River. This is Northern New South Wales and I am in the Tweed Valley, a truly amazing and beautiful drive through dense forest and lush sugar cane plantations.

The Tweed Valley was created over 20 million years ago when the world’s largest volcano erupted. Since then most has been eroded away, but what remains is still very impressive and is the Southern hemisphere’s largest extinct volcano, the Tweed Caldera. There are rivers and creeks winding through lush green valleys and towering rainforests. The Tweed Valley region has over 25,000 acres of World Heritage National Parks.

I stopped to take some photos of the river with views of Mount Warning in the distance when I noticed a sign saying Historic Cemetery. There was a walkway through the thick forest, with steps to climb up a steep slope, and then down the other side and a right turn, also heading downwards through the forest of trees. The sign said restored, I wondered how many years ago someone restored this, it seemed very old and unused.

Suddenly there it was, an old graveyard in the jungle, old tomb stones, unmarked graves, I had history unfolding in front of me. Some were buried in the 1800’s, others early 1900’s. I was excited and went to grave after grave reading the writing and taking photos. Some gravestones were difficult to read with wear and tear being so old.

Suddenly it dawned on me...

I am in the middle of nowhere alone in an old graveyard.

I was a long way from anywhere, it was maybe a kilometre walk from the graveyard back to the road in heavy forest, and the road was many kilometre away from the closest village.

Hmmmm but nothing can happen... right!

Well, I decided anyway it was time to leave.

First I said a prayer for the dead buried here long ago, and also for the living, that all people can respect each other, show love and compassion and eliminate greed and hatred from their lives, that humans can love and co exist with each other in an amazing and beautiful world.

Then time to depart, maybe quickly at the start, because even though I just had a truly wonderful and magical experience finding all this beautiful history, I would have felt more comfortable if I had someone with me. Funny isn’t it how the mind can do this to you, maybe I have seen too many horror movies.

All I needed was for a black cloud to come and it starts raining, I would have broken the speed record.

So, why am I writing about this experience in a book about happiness?


I want to share with you my thoughts after leaving this beautiful old graveyard.

These people are long gone. I do not know them, do not know what they did, what they thought, who they loved. They had family, friends, joy and sorrow, possessions, dreams, desires, thoughts, and they would have worried about things, worry about how they look, what someone said, gossip, just as we do now.

But more than 100 years later, who knows and who even cares.

The life of these people, all their dreams and thoughts are gone forever.

There is a moral to this story.

Someone you might be angry with, maybe they said something you did not like, or did something you did not agree with. Now you harbour feeling of negativity, leading to stress and maybe even anger. But does it really matter, who will care in 100 years time. Plus stress is only going to give you future ill health anyway.

A lot of bad things are going to happen to you during your life. But the biggest single thing that will happen to you is... you are going to die. So, all those little things we worry about cannot be worse than this.

Is there really that much to worry about?

Better to enjoy life I think.

No matter what happens to you during your life, you really only have two options: you can handle life well and be Happy, or you can handle life poorly and be Miserable.

I choose to be happy.

What do you choose?

One day we are all going to die, so the short time we are alive we need to live life to the best of our ability, full of happiness and love.

Without happiness and without love are we really alive?

Love between two people is special, but not everyone has someone. You can also love life, love and share with family and friends. You can also love yourself, not by ego but by feeling secure and confident and enjoy life and live each day to its full potential.

Back to the old graveyard, I have not finished talking about this. You see, graveyards are full of dead people, but a graveyard is also something else.

A graveyard is also a place of unfulfilled dreams. It is really a cemetery of dead dreams.


Because so many things were not accomplished during the time of living, such as:

Spending more time with family and your loved ones

Showing more love, being more compassionate, understanding and accepting

Saying sorry, being more forgiving

Books were not written, songs were not sung, dances were not danced, trips and holidays not taken, new businesses not launched, homes not built or renovated, and hugs not given.

A cemetery can be a place of unfulfilled dreams and regrets.

Did you know that almost everyone about to die has regrets? They wished they had lived life differently, instead of worried about making more money, suddenly when about to die money becomes less important. Family becomes important, with regret about not spending enough time with family, not following dreams, always waiting for tomorrow and suddenly tomorrow is here and you are old and dying.

Yes, a graveyard is full of unfulfilled dreams.

Do not wait till tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. That sounds like a song doesn’t it.

Go out into life and live those dreams, live the life you want.

Do not feel discouraged or allow your problems to weigh you down.

If you focus on your problems then the problems will only pull you down. Instead focus on your possibilities because this will lift you up.

Life can be a battle between your dreams and your fear. When you live in fear, scared to try something new instead of living your dream, then your dreams vanish.

Don’t worry about the small things in life; instead learn to let them go.

Let go negative emotions like anger, rage, jealously, gossip, domination, fear, following instead of learning, repeating the same day to day, unwilling to change, to learn, to become better.

Let them go and reach for your dreams.

When you do not change, you start to die.

If you continue to do the same in your marriage, day after day, it will eventually become a lifeless marriage. A business that cannot change will never expand and just like a dinosaur will eventually become extinct. Staying the same means you stop growing, stop learning, you lose your passion and your joy for life. Even medical science is showing that by doing the same day after day increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in old age, because the brain has stopped growing. Use it or lose it is the medical term, and this applies to all aspects of your life.

When you reach old age and about to die, will you look back on your life with regret and unfulfilled dreams, or change and live a full and happy life to the grave.

The choice is yours.

How to Feel Like a Teenager Again

Baz Gale  Author

The Graveyard

Reclaim Your Youth

Most books about health and happiness will talk about the mind, or about

the body regarding diet and exercise. This book is different because it is

showing you how to let go stress and other negative emotions and lead a

happy life, plus it also educates you on the latest nutritional science and

why eating a healthy diet will lead to a healthier life. The book also has

chapters on being more active and how having activity in your life not only

makes you feel good and look good, it also leads to a healthier and happier


For most people growing old means illness, visits to the doctor, less energy

and vitality. But this is not supposed to happen and growing old should not

give mental decline and illness. It is lifestyle causing this and How to Feel

Like a Teenager Again is showing you how to reverse these symptoms and

indeed reclaim your youth. Removing stress and anxiety and having a happy

mind, combined with good nutrition and some activity, will lead to increased

happiness, more energy and vitality, and less sickness. You will look good

and feel good, and enjoy all that life has to offer. You really will feel more youthful. And if you are young, by living a healthy, happy and active life will keep you young and vibrant.

The book is divided into two parts. First we look at the mind, teaching you how to let go of negative emotions, to unwind and release stress, and to be generally happier. Then we look at healthy eating and nutrition plus the importance of being more active.

To feel young and look great you need a happy mind and a healthy body. If you do have illness, your attitude to life will go a long way in how you feel. Some people can lose arms and legs yet still remain happy and focused, others have perfect health yet are sad and depressed. It really comes down to your attitude and your thinking. This book will show you ways to help counter negative thinking leading to increased happiness. Not only the mind, but nutrition is also needed because the wrong foods can increase stress and unhappiness, just as being more active will also increase happiness.

You will look good and feel young and sexy and enjoy everything that life has to offer.

Below is a full chapter from How to Feel Like a Teenager Again called The Graveyard. 

I wrote this chapter last winter, June 2014, after discovering the old graveyard while driving in the Tweed Valley .The slideshow photos are from inside the Graveyard.

The beautiful Tweed Valley with majestical rivers and roads winding through fields of sugar cane