Emotional Health

21 December 2016

The more love you feel, the less stress you experience

Our emotions define us, it is how we feel, and how we respond to different situations. Everyone goes through good and bad times, and it is our emotional health that dictates how quickly we recover. Having good emotional health will enable you to have a more positive outlook, even in difficult times, and be less afraid of new things and less worried about the future.

The World Health Organization estimates over 350 million people suffer from depression, and I am guessing even more people suffer in silence and wish their lives would improve. How we feel is a result of what we are thinking, and this also effects the brain, because the brain can change and adapt based on our thoughts and emotions. Positive thoughts allow new synapses and pathways to form in the brain based on new knowledge, skills, and positive thinking. This means the brain is growing and forming memory. Negative thoughts over time slowly shrink a part of the brain called the hippocampus, an area of the brain involved in memory and emotions, while positive thoughts will reverse this. So how we think directly effects our brain chemistry, and therefore our reality. Negative thinking, constantly worried and stressed, effects all areas of your life, not just the brain. Your energy will be less, maybe even feeling exhausted, you can feel disconnected with the world around you, unable to make any changes to your life and to move forward. Excessive thinking traps you into the reality your brain is creating, and it might not even be real, the more we think the more we imagine, till eventually the small thing that started the worry and stress turns into something blown out of all proportion, the constant thinking and worry has created a fantasy, but to the worried mind this is real.

There are many things you can do to increase your emotional health allowing you to recover quicker, to bounce back after something has gone wrong. The first thing to do if trapped in excessive thinking is to understand this, to know that too much thinking will always turn negative, and to stop the thinking. This best way to do this is to breathe. Instead of thinking, concentrate on the breath, breathing in and breathing out. Even counting say 1 to 7 for the in breath, 8 to 12 for the out breath, or any number that you feel comfortable with. Eventually you will be able to just concentrate on the breath to stop thinking without having to count, the more you do this the easier it will become. Even depression will ease if the thinking stops, because depression is generally a result of excessive thinking, producing negative feelings about yourself or your situation. Stopping the thinking will also stop you from sitting and doing nothing, and just getting out in the fresh air will produce positive feelings.

Just become aware that you are thinking, worried, stressed, and when this happens catch yourself and start breathing. The more you do this the quicker you will become aware of your thoughts and the easier it will become. Eventually you will not even need to concentrate on breathing, you will be aware of your reactions to different situations, aware you are consumed in negative thinking, and you will stop yourself and let it go.

When you stop thinking your world will change and you will gain awareness. You will become aware of everything around you, your ears will hear more, your eyes will see more, everything will appear more beautiful. Maybe a flower you have walked past a hundred times suddenly appears, and is amazing. Looking up at the sky you will notice the cloud formation, and this will never be repeated, every day the clouds will look different, breathtaking, beautiful. You never noticed this before because trapped in thinking blocks everything. The world will appear different, it will become alive, and by expressing feelings of gratitude, grateful to be seeing this, to experience this, will create positive and happy feelings, blocking whatever negativity you were once worried about.

This might take some time to develop, but over time you will think less and do more, and when negative situations happen the awareness you are developing will allow you to let go, and even if you are annoyed and trapped in negative thinking, you will soon be aware this is happening and you will stop yourself and return to a more positive and happy state of mind.

As you learn to control your thoughts your happiness will begin to increase, you will become more positive, and start to make better decisions, leading to a better and more rewarding life. Wanting and needing that always creates stress and worry will be replaced by gratitude and feeling good about life. Living with mindfulness which is simply living in the present moment, combined with awareness, aware of everything around you, including your thoughts, you will understand that your thoughts are not real, and you will easily stop negative thinking when it comes.

We all have good and bad days, we all suffer stress, loss, disappointment, and having good emotional health means you quickly return to a happier state of mind. Different situations will affect different people, but nothing is permanent, if things are bad they will also become good. Life is short and should be enjoyed, and it is always up to you, how the brain thinks, how you react to different situations, determines who you are. Happy or unhappy, the choice really comes down to you.

How to improve emotional health:

Learning to let go of negative thinking is a large part of having good emotional health, but there are also many other ways to improve your overall emotional health. The mind and body are connected, and what we eat does influence how we feel, and being active also creates endorphins that produce feelings of happiness. An unhealthy diet of processed food and high sugar effects your mood and can even lead to depression, as well as taking away your energy and weaken your immune system.

Avoid or cut back on sugary snacks, trans fats, refined carbohydrates like white flour and white rice, and fried food.

Avoid soft drinks, energy drinks, and mostly drink water. A can of coke has 7 spoons of sugar, an energy drink has 10 spoons of sugar.

Omega3 is very beneficial for the brain. Add to your diet Omega3 foods like fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines), avocados, walnuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, eggs, beans, and lots of green veg like kale and spinach.

A healthy diet should consist of about 70% plant food such as fruit, veg and seeds. Try to have lots of different coloured fruit and veg, doing this will give you more complete nutrition. Also, eating ginger and turmeric is beneficial because both remove inflammation and have many health benefits. Inflammation is a result of eating too much processed food and sugar. Carbohydrate is converted to sugar by the body, so a high diet of processed food, snack food, sweetened food, and sugar, creates inflammation inside the body, and inflammation is like a fuel for disease. A high processed food and sugar diet is responsible for most cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, liver disease, dementia, and many more health problems, including contributing towards depression. Eating 70% plant food, with a little meat and some rice or bread, or replacing the meat with eggs, tofu, cheese, and seeds for protein, will give more energy, make you feel more alive, more positive, and happier with your life.

Stay Active, even if you just go for a walk each day, exercise releases endorphins or happy hormones that make you feel good and give extra energy, and exercise also relieves stress, improves memory and leads to a better sleep. As you can see the mind and body are very much linked with what we eat and what we do.

Another important step in emotional health is to connect with people face to face. Humans are social creatures and we all need positive connections to other people. Being alone can lead to excess thinking resulting in feeling down.

Make sure you devote time to family and friends, surrounded by family is a huge happiness booster.

Value yourself, be kind to yourself and avoid self criticism. Make time to do the things you enjoy

Be grateful and always feel blessed. When you are grateful you are also happy.

Try to live in the present moment rather than allow yesterday to effect you or worry about the future. Living in the present moment allows you to see what is going on around you, and when your eyes are open you see so many good things. There is beauty everywhere, and you will enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Offer help or even just a friendly smile to anyone who needs this. Making someone else happy also increases your happiness. Kindness should be a way of life, happy positive people are always ready to lend a hand to anyone who needs help, and helping others also makes you happy.

So, if you are feeling down, alone with your thoughts, and your life seems a mess, just start breathing. If something annoys you, upsets you, makes you angry, just start breathing. If you are confused, not sure what to do, just start breathing. Concentrating on the breath means you are doing nothing else, your mind is free. It is like a reset trigger for the brain, it takes away the emotion you are feeling by releasing chemicals that remove the stress hormones.

To make change you need to take a good look at your life. Look at your diet, is it healthy? Are you doing enough activity each day? Are you getting enough sleep each night, a good nights sleep is important for emotional health. Learn, gain knowledge and make some changes to your life. Making change also changes the brain and creates positive feelings. Know that everyone alive has good and bad days also, everyone suffers stress at times, has experienced loss, bad heath. Know it is just life and nothing last forever, good times are just around the corner. Believe in yourself and smile, a smiling face is a beautiful face, and always show kindness and create good karma, kind people are happy people. Be grateful for life, grateful for what you have, no matter how small, always feel grateful, this alone will make you feel happier, and will allow more to enter your life. Never look down, look up feeling positive and happy, believe in yourself, and shine your beauty to the world because life is beautiful  :)

Baz Gale 21 December 2016

Happiness and Emotions

November 1, 2016

The key to happiness is to have control over your emotions. Human beings are emotional beings, we are controlled by our emotions and our emotions define who we are and how people see us. We are all human, no one is perfect, and negative thoughts will sometimes enter your thinking. Our thoughts become our emotions, so before this changes your mood, if you can learn to catch yourself and stop thinking, your world will change. But why is it so important to understand your emotions and to stop negative thinking?

To understand this we need to look at how our emotions evolved. We have to go to an earlier time in human evolution, to a time when humans lived in caves and hunted food with a spear. Back then the emotions of fear and anger were needed for short term survival in the wild; if an animal is about to eat us then fear taught us to run away from danger, or we might fight the animal for survival or to protect our children and anger gave us this ability. Your body will have a surge of adrenaline and other stress hormones, the rational mind will close, and you are focused on fear and survival rather than love. Once the danger had passed the negative emotion was released, life was simple, and survival was about finding food without become a meal ourselves. We then had the positive emotions of creativity expressed in art, dancing, inventing, or just relaxing and being at peace.

Life was simple, negative emotions were needed for short term survival, while positive emotions gave us long term solutions and allowed our brain to create, to evolve, and this eventually led us to where we are today.

Positive emotions change the way our brain works and expands our experience, allowing us to take in more information and see the big picture. The human brain is responsible for everything we now take for granted, for example we now shop in air conditioned shopping malls instead of hunting food with a spear, and this has come about using the brain in a positive way to create, to invent, to solve, and to make possible the impossible. Positive emotions give us feelings of pleasure. When we are happy and in a safe environment, our cognitive capacities are improved, allowing us to build resources for the long term.

Looking at this shows how different your life can become simply by changing how you respond emotionally, and this comes down to how you think. If you are mostly positive then your emotional response to situations will generally be positive. However if the thinking is often negative, the emotional response will be one of negativity. An example is being cut off in traffic, you are driving and someone pulls in front of you. The instant reaction can range from nothing if you are a positive person to one of frustration or even anger if you are often negative. If you then begin thinking, leading to even more anger as the stress hormones flood your body, this can result in something terrible. Many people are killed over rage because they are unable to control their emotions. Yet just a shift in how they think will change how they emotionally respond, and this applies in so many different situations.

Looking again at how emotions formed, then moving forward to today, there are no wild animals to eat us so many people direct anger on those around them. There was also the emotion of disgust long ago that prevented primitive people from eating contaminated food, looking at say rotting meat would cause you to be disgusted and so would walk away, this was a good emotion for survival back then. But now we buy our food in a shop but deep inside us we still have this primitive emotion of disgust, so many people now express this feeling of disgust with their fellow humans by judging, blaming, imposing their ideals on others rather than living in peace and harmony. But expressing these negative emotions only makes you unhappy in the process.

Having a mostly positive outlook on life allows you to ignore these primitive emotions, because being positive expands the brain, you can see the big picture, while being negative prevents this and you respond with fear causing emotions like jealously, sorrow, anger, rage, frustration, annoyance, stress, and any other negative emotion you wish to add.  

Positive thoughts can change your world, while negative thoughts can trap you in a life of hardship. If you are constantly thinking about a past event, you will be in a cycle of repeating the past over and over, because having negativity will prevent you from seeing a way out. A negative mind will prevent you from finding or keeping love. It will destroy relationships. It will keep you in poverty. It will stop you from living. A negative mind will keep attracting negativity and the constant stress will eventually cause illness and shorten your life.

Love will always attract love, and hate will always attract hate, it is this simple.

You create your own worry and stress and it is up to you to change the way you think. Be aware when you are over thinking, and catch yourself. Know that this thinking is creating how you feel, it is creating all your stress, anger, worry, sadness or whatever other emotion you feel. Breathe and let it go. If this is difficult then count your breathing, breathe in for a count of 5 and out to the count of 10, or any number you want. Or you can speak a word or phrase over and over, like love and peace, or 'God grant me serenity'. It does not matter what you say, all that matters is you stop the thinking, and by breathing and relaxing will remove the excess stress hormones in your body and make you calmer.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, your emotional state is simply a reflection of what you are thinking. Being aware of this, and changing how you think, will change your behaviour and your life.

To truly be alive you have to take total responsibility for how you feel, how you think, and how you act. It is your life, and you alone are responsible for your happiness or sadness. Instead of blaming, learn and improve and become better. The wiser you become, the less problems you will encounter and life will become easier.

The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude, so start the day with a positive attitude and a smile, and feel blessed and thankful. Always be grateful for everything in your life, including that you are alive and breathing, and you will be rewarded with more.

Life is short so always fill your soul with love and happiness

Be amazing ... Be beautiful

Be you


Baz Gale

Are you Happy

Baz Gale
21 January 2016

Some people seem to always smile and are mostly happy, other people often frown and complain and seen unhappy.

So, what is the difference between these two types of people and how can someone change and improve their mood.

Every person alive goes through difficult and trying times, no one is immune. The main difference between the two types of people, the happy and unhappy, is how they handle the situation and their emotional attitude to life in general.

Here are some differences between the two types of people.

We all complain sometimes, but happy people tend to just get on in life rather than wasting energy on complaining, the situation exists, accept it and do it. Unhappy people will often complain and create stress. So rather than stress yourself and becoming upset, just accept this is how it is and ask yourself, is this really worth stressing over.

Gratitude is a positive emotion that leads to happiness. Happy people tend to be grateful for what they have rather than wanting more and more, while unhappy people are often wanting and needing something. Some become trapped in consumerism, buying things they do not need and often with money they do not have, in order to feel happy. But it never leads to long term happiness, only very short term and then they need to buy more. Our emotional state is a reflection on what we are thinking, not what we have. Happy thoughts make us happy, negative thoughts make us unhappy, it is that simple. So be grateful for what you have, and when you are grateful and happy life tends to reward you with more happiness.

Everyone has good times and bad times, the difference with happy people is they know this, they know that now might not be that good, but eventually things will improve. Happy people will just keep going, and be grateful that they can keep going, and not allow what is happening in their lives to get them down. Happy people also are able to adapt and change rather than hold onto the past and complain, they instead look to the future in a positive light, while unhappy people often feel sorry for themselves.

To summarize the last few paragraphs, the main difference between happy people and unhappy people is the ego. Unhappy people tend to think about themselves more, and the more we think the greater the unhappiness. Unhappy people can often be selfish due to their wanting and needing, creating more and more unhappiness. When we are self obsessed we become stressed and unhappy. When we understand that every person alive has good and bad days, has healthy and sick days, has days of terrible emotion, days where everything just flows and feels great, then we are able to get on with life. By being aware, being grateful, able to change and adapt, able to move forward rather than trapped in the past, then we will become mostly happy.

Do not become so focused on what you want that you forget what you have.

Baz Gale

Does Love Hurt

Baz Gale

10 January 2016

How many times have you heard someone say love hurts?

Have you ever said this?

I would like to say this is just not true.

What hurts is envy and jealously, rejection, loneliness and bitterness. These things all hurt but they are not love and people become confused thinking this is a part of love. But love is opposite, because love is the only thing that covers up all pain and makes you feel wonderful, excited, and alive. Love gives a reason for living, makes time standstill.

So why do people become confused thinking love hurts when the opposite is true.

There can be many reasons like choosing the wrong partner and if one finds themselves in this situation then the only logical and constructive thing to do is to move on so the correct partner can one day enter your life. But the main reason people say love hurts always originates from our thinking, and it always starts with just one little thought. Yes, just one little negative thought, and this is soon followed by another negative thought, then another, and soon our thinking is one of negativity resulting in stress. We are stressed, uncomfortable, unhappy, and all this stress started with just one little negative thought. But you can change this, you have the power inside you, because it is just as easy to have a positive thought. Yes, just one little positive thought and then another will reverse the negative thinking and instead of stress and unhappiness we instead feel good.

Do not think negative about your partner causing you to think that love hurts, instead be grateful you can enjoy love, be grateful that you can feel love and have love, and be happy you are in love. Instead of looking for fault, see the good, no one is perfect including yourself. Life is a journey and can be a beautiful journey when shared with a loving partner.

here is nothing in this world that can trouble you more than your own thoughts. Be happy and positive, not negative and sad.

The choice is yours.

Baz Gale

Letting Go

Baz Gale

28th March 2015

Are you alone, feeling sad.

Have you had enough, does the hurt, the pain and sorrow seems to go on forever.

Does nothing ever seem right, whatever you do is wrong.

Do you want to cry.

Do you feel like letting go.

Have you had too much, cannot take any more.

Well I have news for you, you are not alone.

Everyone has been hurt, everyone has cried, everyone has felt sad and lonely at some time. And everyone including you has also had happiness, laughter, and good times, because we are all the same, we are human and life will sometimes be up and sometimes be down.

When we are down and feeling sad, all we can think of is the pain we are suffering. Negative emotions were designed to protect us from danger when we were hunter/gatherer so when we are inflicted with negativity it is difficult to see a way out.

But there is, and the human spirit will rise to the occasion.

Know this is nothing more than self thinking, the more we think about ourselves the worse the problem becomes.

The secret to a happy life is to have a happy mind, because our thinking becomes our emotions. The less we think about ourselves the happier we become.

Please look up, look around, and open your eyes and see, there is beauty everywhere.

Look at the sky, the wonderful sunshine making everything sparkle, the beautiful cloud formation, the amazing rain refreshing and reviving. You are blessed, if you did not have eyes how would you see this.

We all hurt, we all cry sometimes, and we also have happiness, laughter and good times. No one is different, and no one is immune, it is just being human.

Let go the self thinking creating unhappiness and reach for the stars.

And be grateful... grateful you can listen to and appreciate music, hear birds sing, listen to distant thunder, the wind, children singing.

Be grateful that when it becomes dark all we do is flick a switch and we have light, turn on a tap and out comes water. For a million years we lived in caves.

Lets live our life with love and compassion, care and understanding, knowing we are creating our sadness by focusing on ourselves, and also knowing we can change the thinking, and change the emotion to one of happiness.

Yes you are unique, you are beautiful, you are amazing, reach to the sky and create the life you dream about.

Go ahead, create a beautiful wonderful life, your only limitation is yourself. Do It!!!!

Be happy, be positive, be you!

Baz Gale

Life is very fragile

Baz Gale
23 March 2015

Today TV reporter Lisa Colagrossi died just after a live news coverage. She was only 49, was returning from a work assignment and she suffered a brain haemorrhage and died. Her life was over in an instant, and this or something similar can happen to anyone at anytime at any age.

No one is invincible.

The human spirit lives on and the human spirit can rise in difficult situations. My neighbour lost his wife to cancer, and the time before she passed she was unable to walk, to do almost anything. They were both retired and had spent years together, and the love between them was like a flame drawing them together. Love and compassion was everywhere. He held her, fed her, bathed her, looked after her till the day she died.

I often see old people walking together, hand in hand, love is still there after 50 or more years of marriage. True love can last forever but there is also a dark side to life, one we must all succumb to one day. Our partner, or maybe it will be you to leave your partner first, but eventually we have to die and the person left alone must struggle alone. To fall in love, spend a lifetime together, then suddenly your partner is gone, you will never hear his/her voice again, never touch, cuddle, hold hands. Or it might be you, all your dreams vanish in an instant as life slips away.

This is not a blog about sorrow. This is a blog to say enjoy life, and enjoy everything life has to offer, follow your dreams, and die with no regret. Say 'I Love You' every day. Be grateful and be kind, remove all anger and negativity, be a peace with yourself and the universe, because negative emotions like anger might be the last thing your partner will hear before life slips away and suddenly you will be alone and full of regret.

Yes, life is fragile, so let's enjoy our journey, and do all the things we have wanted to do but put off for a later time. Lets embrace life, embrace love, and live with compassion and harmony and enjoy all that life has to offer. There is no time to be sad, upset, angry, stressed, annoyed, because all we are doing is harming ourselves.

Be positive, be grateful, be wise and enjoy life and most of all, live your dream. We can do anything we want, our only limitation is ourselves.

Lets choose happiness, lets choose life.

Can We Become Gods

17 February 2015

We have so much potential to achieve anything we want, to reach for the stars, to become great, yet we keep acting like we are still living in caves. Can we survive and thrive, or perish in our own stupidity.

Endless war, corruption, power, human suffering, it never seems to stop. Always somewhere is someone wanting power, or forcing their will on another. I often wonder why.

Human are lucky, nothing more. If a meteorite did not wipe out the dinosaurs allowing mammals to evolve and thrive, we would never exist. 99% of all species that have lived on Earth have become extinct, will humanity survive or plunge themselves into eternal darkness?

We are all human and share the same characteristics, the same genetics, the same emotions. We all want love, happiness, family, security. Some of us have a higher education or live in a wealthy country, but deep down on an emotional level we are all the same. The happiness you feel when you are with your family is the same as every person in every country, as is the sorrow we feel when tragedy strikes

We are animal but have so much potential to become greater, to reach towards the stars

All living things share similar characteristics, humans, animals, insect, maybe even bacteria.

Look at a pack of dogs, or birds, always one wanting to be boss

A pack of humans is no different, always one wanting to be boss

If you look at history a King was really only a criminal who took charge, and defeated other people, thus gaining power by killing and forcing his will on others. All kingdoms started the same way. We look back in pride at ancient Kingdoms but the reality is they were formed by bloodshed

It was only about control, wanting what someone else had and taking it, just as an animal would take from another animal

Every animal has a leader, just as every human society has a leader. Democracy is very new in human evolution when we look back over a million years

Every male animal when reaching puberty becomes a little crazy as a teen, including human

Looking at other aspects of humanity shows we are really all the same, sharing the same emotions, feelings, joy and sorrow. Skin colour is nothing more than climate, a cooler climate will produce whiter skin over many generations because dark skin prevents vitamin D absorption in cooler climates and vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium for strong bones. A humid climate will give brown skin while the dry desert climate will give very dark skin. But this only reflects where we live, because we are still all human

Even job characteristics have similar faces, as an example academics tend to have higher cheek bones between the eyes and mouth, and on average longer fingers. Creative people tend to have longer and thinner fingers, while farmers will have short stocky fingers better to work the land, as will a labourer. And an IT person looks and acts similar in every country, certain types of people are attracted to similar jobs

Yes, we are all the same

A study of human interaction, human emotion and human feeling in different races shows a similarity, and a study of animal emotion shows the same human emotions and feelings

Science can now show that plants also have emotion and feeling, thus adding to this hypothesis

Fish have emotion, and are similar to human

It all comes down to brain development as to the level of sophistication in expression of emotion, feeling and attachment and why an insect will care less about its baby compared to animal and human, but everything living has a similarity


We are all brother and sister, evolved over billions of years from a single cell, so stupidity like racism and thinking we are better than another are things we should let go of. Science is showing we are all the same and we should work together to help one another.

Religion also says this, and all major religions are about compassion and love, helping each other and to become a better person. Some people use religion as a means of control, to gain power, but the basis of all religion is Love

All we have to do is listen

All we have to do is learn

All we have to do is understand

Gain wisdom and become wiser

Let go of racist thinking, status thinking, class thinking, and realize we are only animals but with the potential to become Gods... It is all up to us

We can progress and conquer disease and illness, bigotry and racism, and live in harmony and happiness with each other, becoming the Gods we worship, or we can  continue to be animal, continue hatred, hostility, racism, anger, judgement and control, and perhaps perish

It is all up to us

The choice is ours

To be happy or sad, angry or forgiving, judgmental or understanding, everything is always a choice

Can we survive and become Gods

Or will we perish in our own stupidly

Baz Gale

We are all the same…. An angry dog will attack any human walking past, a dog does not see the difference between humans. A mosquito will not choose a human by race or skin colour, a mosquito will attack any human for food. Bacteria do not choose who they will infect; a human is a human to bacteria. Only a human will see the difference between another human based on race, religion or culture. To an animal we are all the same.

Baz Gale
14 January 2012

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