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Baz Gale was born and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is the arts capitol of Australia and is full of culture, theatres, galleries, bookshops, laneways, cafes and bars. Melbourne has always had an inspiring music and artistic scene and an amazing multicultural environment. There must be a hundred different languages you would hear in Melbourne, and as a child my friends parents came from many different countries. The different foods to experience from different cultures was a real treat.

I have always believed we should enjoy our short time here on Earth and live life to the best of our ability. Happiness means everything, to be happy, to smile, to laugh, to be content and enjoy all that life has to offer, gives you a freedom that cannot be bought. Wealth gives us the ability to do what we want, and using wealth there is no limit to what we can achieve in life. But gaining wealth at the expense of happiness by thinking you will be happy later is counterproductive. Happiness costs nothing, and it does not matter rich or poor, happiness comes from the brain, our thinking and emotions will dictate how we feel.

I have always believed this, and for most of my life I have been happy and relaxed. We all have good and bad days, stress, illness, all this is a part of living. But overall I have mostly been a happy Baz.

I also know happiness comes from doing what we enjoy, what feels right, and also having compassion in your life. I sometimes want things, but mostly I am happy with what I have and do not spend much time in wanting. I have always been like this so my ego is not creating unhappiness in always wanting and needing more. I worked this out a long time ago before doing the study and research on why our emotional state will control our health and happiness.

My life has not always been bliss, and I have suffered many years of illness in the past, had broken relationships and a divorce, raised two children, and worked long hours. But feeling happy and content still comes down to your basic thinking and emotional state. Having compassion, caring and understanding other people, understanding how and why they are like they are, not only takes away self thinking that is creating unhappiness and stress, it also shows you that everyone suffers. You are not alone, everyone alive has happiness and sadness, good times and bad times, sickness and health, and understanding this takes away the pressure on yourself. So when I am afflicted by sadness, I normally pull myself out of this thinking fairly quickly because I know so many people are far worse than me, and I also know it is my thinking, thinking about the self, called ego, that is creating what I am feeling.

Education sets you free. Understanding human emotion and why, allows you to understand yourself.

I have spent countless hours most of my life observing people. I watch their emotion, the facial expressions, the shape of the face. I came to realize a long time ago we are all the same emotionally, and I also realized there are only a few different facial features in the entire human race. I see the same facial features in all races, in every country I have visited. In South East Asia the eyes are a little different, but the facial expressions, and shape of the face are the same as Caucasian faces, and there are only a few different types of faces, round faces and thin face as an example. The emotions and behaviour of all people are basically the same and this is because we are all human, or Homo Sapiens, and we all share 99.99% of the same genes. This gave me an interest in learning where we evolved from, and I discovered the skin colour is nothing more than climate. Long ago we all had dark skin but migrating around the world led to different skin colours. Cool climates need a white skin to absorb vitamin D from the sun while hotter climates need a darker skin to protect from the sun. There are so many different skin colours depending where someone lived, and with everyone being the same emotionally as well as genetically, words like racism, we are better than them, and so on do make me angry. Every country has good and bad people, and deep down we are all the same. We all want love, happiness, family, a good life.

I believe in my heart that love and compassion is the answer, and if we all cared more about our neighbour and the planet we would all have a better life and greater happiness.

I also believe in doing what makes you happy, and for me my hobby is travelling and photography. I love going to new places, does not matter if it is close to where I live or another country, beauty is everywhere, and I love taking photos and I have thousands and thousands of photos.  I do not have a professional camera because taking photos is more a hobby, and photos also capture memories we can relive again when viewing them later. There is a page on this site showing some of my photos, but the difficult part is selecting just a few to show from the many thousands that I have.

I also believe that healthy eating and doing some activity also leads to happiness, and the latest science is now showing this is true. For me it started long ago when I was still a boy, my mum started work in a health food shop, later buying the business. Suddenly our diet changed, my delicious white bread replaced with wholemeal, our yummy cakes and deserts became a thing of the past. But with mum working and later owning the shop, I had access to all the books and always wanting to know more and learn more I soon began reading book after book. I would borrow the book when mum wasn't looking, read it and later swap it for another. Learning about health changed my outlook on life, and I wanted to learn more, and I educated myself in biology and natural health. Most of my life has been healthy food and science is now showing food does affect our emotions, our happiness, as well as our health.

I have spent so many years I could not count them learning and obtaining information like attending weekend retreats on meditation, silence, health, enrolling in different courses of study, studying human behaviour, graphic art, and the best of all was raising my two daughters. This gave me not only my most enjoyable moments in life, it was also a huge learning curve. I divorced when my children were still very young, and before this my wife raised my children and I worked, and worked, sometimes 80 hours a week. For a while I was really married to my job. I love music and not only do I write books but I also write songs, and I have played in many bands. During my marriage I had a production company and I would tour with different recording bands, hiring my production to them, a rewarding job that I loved but long hours week after week. I stopped this business after the divorce because I needed to be with my children.

I had my children school days, and weekends they would stay with their mum. Suddenly I had to cook, clean, make school lunches, attend school meetings, help with homework, and it was the most enjoyable period in my life. Life really is short because suddenly they had finished university and gone... but this also allowed my life to change, and having freedom allowed me to travel and explore other countries and cultures.

As for being active, from a little boy I would explore with my bike, and obtaining my car license and a car meant most weekends my friends and I would drive and explore Victoria, from beaches to mountains, and even then I loved taking photos of everywhere I went, but back then there was no digital camera or even computers to upload, I had to buy film and later have it processed.

I loved surfing and even joined the surf life savers for a while, learning how to save lives. My passion for many years was surfing, and many weekends would be spent away on surfing expeditions. I had an old torn wetsuit, I could not afford a new one, and surfing in Melbourne winter was a challenge. But I was young, loved the outdoors and loved to surf, and the adventure combined with the adrenalin of surfing overcame the coldness. Not long after finishing my education I moved 2,000 kilometre North to sunny Queensland and settled in a city called Gold Coast, and I have lived here ever since. The cold of Melbourne was replaced with warmer weather, and the ocean was warmer making surfing easier. I have not surfed for many years now, but still walk along the ocean, sometimes swim, or ride my bike along the many bike tracks that follow the ocean.

What I am saying in all this is to enjoy life, do not let life just pass because in an instant your life can be over, and time does not wait for anyone. Money is not needed for happiness, it does allow you to do more, but will never make you happy because it is your thinking, your emotions that decide how you feel. During the time I raised my children I had very little money. I stopped my business to be with my children, and I was also afflicted with illness, slowly becoming more and more ill. It was nothing more than changing what I was eating, I have celiac disease and cannot eat wheat. The protein in wheat called gluten effects the intestine causing malnutrition and my energy levels began fading, combined with other symptoms. But... as I have said, money does not create happiness, it is the mind. I was happy even though we had very little. I had the love of my children, and after school we would go to the beach swimming, or bike riding, walk the dogs, watch a movie together, costing no  money but creating lasting memories and deep happiness. Raising children gave a real purpose to living and this created happiness, even though I had no money and at times struggled to buy food, however my mind was happy and content. It is the ego, the wanting more, needing more, excessive thinking about the self, negative emotions, this is what creates unhappiness. I have seen a lot of poverty in my travelling, yet I always see happy smiling faces. On the other hand I hardly see the wealthy smile, they seem too obsessed on gaining more and more. It really is in the mind, happiness is a choice, as is everything we do in life is a choice, and I choose to be happy.

I do hope you enjoy reading my books and can take something from my writing that helps you, and there will soon be many more books available. Writing is my passion, I write from the soul, what I feel, what I know, however I say this to you. Whatever I say, do not take it on face value. Always research, learn, explore, educate yourself, because I could be wrong. This applies on all levels, from what we are told by politicians, what we see on the news, what people tell us. Many people just repeat what someone told them, it might not be true. Always look for the truth, be an individual instead of a follower, understand why instead of just doing, and also understand that in the end nothing really matters because life is short and to live a life full of love and happiness, to see beauty in everything and everyone, to feel compassion and have understanding, is the real wisdom. We are here for such a short time, make it a happy time.

I tend to look at science, mostly the independent science coming from university research, for factual knowledge. The beauty with science is it always evolves, and what we know as correct today might be wrong tomorrow. Science does not hold onto the past but instead looks towards a better future. Nutrition is a good example, what I learnt long ago has changed, and it is mostly sugar consumption causing inflammation that is responsible for most illness in the western world. I was taught low fat products were healthy, now I discover they are less healthy than eating the full fat version because low fat products are full of sugar to make them taste good. So, always do your own research and learn the truth, and always embrace the future instead of holding onto the past.

Enjoy life, enjoy all that life has to offer. The cloud formation that exists while walking will be unique to the particular weather environments at the time and might never be repeated, so look in wonder at the beauty surrounding you. And this means less thinking, and thinking generally leads to less happiness, so the less we think, and the more we feel, the beauty, the wonder of being alive, so shall our lives be rewarded.

Thank you for visiting my website and please take care and have a beautiful happy blessed day.

Baz Gale

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Baz is a writer, musician and sound producer who resides on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Baz writes about what he is passionate about and he believes everyone deserves love and happiness. Life is short and we should follow our dreams and embrace life in all its fullness and glory.

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